Duchess Of Cambridge Visits Pegasus Primary School, Oxford

HRH Duchess of Cambridge was greeted by hundreds of cheering children when she visited Pegasus Primary School in Blackbird Leys, Oxford on Tuesday 6 March. Her visit, which was to look at the work of the school in providing emotional support programmes for children and parents, was part of her continuing interest in emotional well-being and mental health support services.

The Duchess was greeted by the Head Teacher, Francis Murphy, and Sarah Darton, CEO of Family Links, a national charity based in Oxford, which works with the school to provide emotional well-being training for teachers, parents and children. This enables them to cope with anxiety and stress, develop positive strategies for coping with life’s problems and succeed at school and at work. 

Family Links has worked with Pegasus Primary School for more than 15 years building its emotional well-being training into school life including providing training for all teachers and support staff at the school. It is the only school in Britain which currently integrates this approach throughout the whole school.

Roz Morris

TV News London works with Family Links helping with their PR and media training and Roz Morris, TV News London’s Managing Director, was at Pegasus Primary School working with Family Links to ensure the media were able to cover the story effectively.

“We achieved significant coverage both on the day of the Duchess’s visit and on the next day” Roz says. “The story was covered by many news organisations including The Mail, The Mirror, The Evening Standard, the  Huffington Post, the Press Association, The Oxford Mail, the Oxford Guardian, ITV Meridian, BBC South and Sky News”

The Duchess, who was 8 months pregnant with her third childmet parents and children who told her about their positive experiences through Family Links training at the school.  

Donna Lennon-Sinclair, a parent who has taken part in a 10-week parenting programme at the school, said she had found the training really helpful.  “They should offer this to everyone’ she said. “This has made a real difference to my life.”

Pegasus Primary

Jodie Brackett,11, in Year 6, told the Duchess he was able to trust his teachers to help him when he talked about any emotional problems. He was keen to tell his grandmother he had met the Duchess as “she is really into the royal family’ and would be really pleased to hear about the Duchess talking to him..

Zhara Gathenya, 10, also in Year 6, said the Duchess was an open person who was really easy to talk to.  She said the school was able to help her to talk about her feelings and this was really important.

‘Just as we nurture our physical health, we should also nurture our emotional health’ Sarah Darton CEO of Family Links told the Duchess.  “We are currently running parent groups across the UK and we believe every school could benefit from this consistent way of improving children’s emotional health” she added.

“Children who are emotionally healthy are able to develop good relationships and succeed at work and in life.  Our programme helps both children and parents to develop emotional resilience and enjoy family life.”

‘I believe good emotional health is essential for academic success and our work with Family Links has been one of the key factors in our success’ says Francis Murphy, Head Teacher of Pegasus Primary. ‘We have some children here with complex needs and the Family Links Nurturing Programme provides them with the language to describe their feelings. It provides them with a forum to share and understand their experiences.’

All children throughout the school have a Circle Time session of 45 minutes every week where they can be helped to understand their feeling and experiences by discussing them with other children and teachers.

During her visit the Duchess also had meetings with Rowen Smith, Head of Training Family Links, Georgia Maddocks, Deputy Head Teacher, Pegasus Primary School,  Rachel Walding, Family and Outdoor Learning Leader, Pegasus Primary School, Anna Thorne, CEO, OXPIP,  Aida Cable, Head of Young People’s Programmes, the Royal Foundation, and Dr Sally Smith, CEO, Peeple.

Find out more about Family Links

Family Links Logo

Published 03 March 2018


Tom talks about the Supermoon on BBC Breakfast

Tom Kerss from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich was in great demand for interviews about the recent Supermoon, where the Moon is closest to the earth and appears huge.  Appearing on BBC TV Breakfast he was interviewed by Dan Walker and Louise  Minchin to explain the phenomenon that causes the moon to look so much larger and brighter than usual.  

After speaking live in a down- the- line interview from the balcony of BBC Broadcasting House in London to the BBC in Salford, he was congratulated by the presenters on his depth of knowledge and expertise.  Tom has been media trained by TV News London, along with colleagues from the Royal Museums Greenwich, and he also did a talk about the Supermoon for BBC World which is on the BBC website Science & Environment section.

View a short clip here:  https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/937668503276056576

View a BBCWorld Service Interview here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-42218342/what-is-a-supermoon

Published 12 December 2017


Canada UK Trade Boost

CETA, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada, the EU and its Member States has just been ratified after 8 years of talks.  The hugely important free trade agreement eliminates more than 90% of the tariffs operated between Canada and the EU. Trade between them was worth $77 billion dollars in 2016.

William Swords, President of the Canada UK Chamber of Commerce, was interviewed about CETA on BBC TV World Business Report.  He explained that the UK and Canada have had a long trading relationship. “The UK is the third largest market for Canada and the UK exports £7 billion a year of goods and services to Canada.”

Questioned about trading relations between the UK and Canada after Brexit, he added: “I think the objective is to make the transition as seamless as possible.”  

TV News London Ltd , founded and run by experienced broadcaster Roz Morris, is a longstanding member of the Canada - UK Chamber of Commerce.

“The company provides excellent media training courses for all executives and Roz has trained myself and other Chamber members” Mr Swords says. “ I have nothing but the highest praise for Roz and her team helping me to, as they say, make every word count.”

Watch the TV Interview 

Published 30 September 2017


Rio Global Nutrition Workshops

TV News London has provided expert training in communications skills and handling media interviews for spokespeople from around the world on global nutrition issues. 

Globally, 161 million children are not getting the right nutrients during critical stages of their development. This means that poor nutrition is the underlying cause of nearly half of deaths of children under five worldwide and this is holding back generation after generation.  Poorly nourished children are a third less likely to ever escape poverty when they grow up, and undernourished girls grow into undernourished mothers who give birth to undernourished children.

During a three day conference organised by Save the Children in London in March, TV News London provided workshops on Media Interviews, Engaging with the Media, and Public Speaking, for delegates from 17 different countries.  The delegates will be nutrition champions who will be Nutrition for Growth spokespeople in preparation for the Rio Global Nutrition Summit in August this year. 

Our trainers, Roz Morris, Malcolm Douglas, Roddy McDougall and Anna Ostergren, ran tailor made two hour sessions for 3 to 4 delegates at a time in order to help them maximise their impact in communications in the media and in conferences and meetings on the importance of improving food and diet for poor people across the world.

“ Your training  was fantastically useful and delegates gave excellent feedback”,  said  Fran Roberts, Nutrition Policy & Advocacy Adviser, Save the Children, who organised the conference.  

Delegates attended from the following countries:  Australia, Guatemala. Ethiopia, Indonesia, India, Kenya. Uganda, Malawi. Nigeria, Myanmar, The Philippines, Germany, Japan, Zambia, UK, USA and Canada.

The Rio Global Nutrition Summit will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, just before the Olympic Games and is intended to raise awareness of the importance of improving global nutrition in raising  health and living standards.  This will be the second Global Nutrition Summit. Progress since the first summit in 2013 will be evaluated as well as new calls for action and pledges from governments for money to support schemes to tackle poor nutrition. 

Click here to read more information on global nutrition. 

Published 04 April 2016


Nyashas First Book Launch

Nyasha Gwatidzo took a long walk last year.  She decided to walk the whole length of the River Thames from its source in rural Gloucestershire right the way to the Thames Barrier.
Her walk - just over 200 miles in total - took her 16 days and raised thousands of pounds for the Vana Trust, the charity she founded to help disadvantaged children both in the UK and in her native Zimbabwe.    

Very impressively, despite the walk being a lot harder than she had anticipated, she has also written a book about her experiences on the walk and it isn't just about walking, it's about what she has learned as a businessperson and as a mother and grandmother.

Her book 'Walk with Me - through sixteen inspirational business and life tips' is launched at a special reception at the House of Lords on October 30 and all proceeds from the book will go to the Vana Trust.   (Vana means ‘child’ in Shona.)

"I'm used to talking to people one to one in my work for Vana Trust and as head of Banya Family Placement, the fostering agency I run in South London" , Nyasha says. "I also run training courses. But I'm basically a shy person, so I knew I needed help with my speech at the House of Lords where it will be a big occasion and there will be at least fifty people in the audience."

TV News London provided Nyasha with a tailor made one to one training course covering presentation training and also Radio and TV interview skills so that she can promote her book and the work of the Vana Trust confidently both in talks and in media interviews.

Nyasha says : “Roz gave me great tips for saying the core message about my walk and my book ‘Walk With Me’.  Thank you very much”.

"It was a privilege to work with Nyasha.  She is one of those Inspiring can-do people who don't just look at a problem and say something must be done.  She gets on and helps people and does so much good", says Roz Morris, TV News London's Managing Director who ran Nyasha's training course.   "Her book is a great read and I hope it raises a lot of money for the very worthwhile work of the Vana Trust."


Note to networkers: Roz and Nyasha met at a meeting of Lady Val’s Professional Women’s Network earlier this year.


Read more information about Vana Trust below and visit the Vana Trust Website




Walk With Me Through Sixteen Inspirational Life and Business Tips

Why is it some people have great ideas and big dreams but are so petrified by them, they procrastinate and never put them into action? Why do they not take those crucial first steps to start up their own business or whatever else it is they have always dreamed of doing?

Walk With Me reveals what you need to think about in order to take those essential first steps.

Let Nyasha Gwatidzo guide you through the walk along the River Thames she undertook over sixteen days, helping you question and understand your passion and life’s purpose as well as how to go about implementing your ideas through her sixteen inspiring tips. She hopes they will inspire you to take a

ction and achieve your dreams. As Luc De Clapiers said, “Action makes more fortune than caution.” Find out more


Vana Trust Organic Farm

Nyasha Gwatidzo set up the Vana Trust Organic Farm in September 2009. The farm offers vulnerable children and adults opportunities to work on the farm to gain confidence, reduce anxiety and isolation and to learn practical and social skills.

More than 30 vulnerable people have benefitted from attending the farm with 5 people leaving to enter further education and over 15 achieving employment. Over £10,000 funds raised, every pound raised goes directly to the project. They have sold over £1000 of produce. Find out more


St David’s School project

Vana Trust was registered as a charity in July 2004 for the relief of poverty, sickness and distress, the advancement of education and the preservation and protection of good health of children and young people in Africa and UK.

This started with a pilot scheme in a Zimbabwe village school called St David’s School - Nyandoro. The head teacher helped identify a group of 60 children who were not able to fund costs of attending school such as the school fees and uniforms. The

se children were either orphans or their parents were affected by HIV/AIDS or poverty. Vana Trust has now sponsored the education of over 1000 children and the demand to help more children is growing. Vana Trust also supports the school by providing other materials such as books and a computer, water to the school and other building repair materials. We will soon supply a science lab. We also hope to raise funds for a much needed new nursery school building. Vana Trust’s daily ‘Breakfast Club’ now feeds over 500 children at the school. Find out more


Banya Family Placement Agency

Banya is an independent fostering provider. Their fully supported foster carers look after children and young people placed by local authorities.

Banya supports foster carer households in Greater London and beyond. Hundreds of children and young people have benefited from placements with our foster carers since Banya was founded in 1997.

They aim to provide a high standard of foster care for a range of children and young people. Banya has developed specialisms in placing sibling groups, unaccompanied children and young people from overseas, children with special needs, and troubled teenagers. Visit the Banya Website



Published 19 October 2015


World Vision on Sky News

Sarah Pickwick from World Vision, the world’s largest international children’s charity, recently gave her first Sky News interview just a week after undertaking media training with TV News London.  
Taking on a live ‘Down the line’ TV interview talking direct to camera, Sarah, who is Senior Conflict Adviser, with World Vision UK, gave Sky News presenter, Jayne Secker, a first - hand account of the difficulties that Syrian refugees and in particular unaccompanied children are now facing both in the Middle East and, increasingly, in Europe.  
 “It is a grave concern of ours that so many children are making the journey to Europe unaccompanied”, Sarah said. “ Even in some of the refugee camps where we work in Jordan, we have seen children separated from families.”
Sarah has just returned from visiting refugee camps in Jordan and she explained the very serious problems thousands of Syrian children are now facing.  “When you come out of places like Syria and you have to leave everything, it can all be very rushed. Children can get separated easily. Once they have arrived in these camps, once they have arrived in host communities, we seek to do everything we can to reunite them with their families.“

World Vision has so far reached two million refugees in Syria and neighbouring countries; and is currently increasing its work in Serbia as refugees make the journey through Europe
Speaking of the situation in Serbia,  Sarah said: “I think these children, when they arrive in camps are always very tired. They are very scared. They have left everything. We have reports that children were coming with no shoes. They had walked sometimes from many weeks with their families. Life is very hard for them.”
“We have been very pleased that many European member states have particularly looked at the needs of children. We would encourage that the needs of the most vulnerable are taken into consideration when refugees are selected to come in, and particularly that children are very vulnerable and need special consideration.”
“There are massive funding shortfalls in the countries we work in. It is crucial that the international committee step up and increase their support.“
Chris Weeks, Deputy Head of Media & Communications for World Vision UK, said: “The current refugee crisis means that World Vision has a huge task helping desperate people in desperate circumstances and it’s vital that our spokespeople communicate clearly and professionally in the media.  Good quality media training undoubtedly helps us to do this.“  

Roz Morris, Managing Director of  TV News London, who has led several media training courses for World Vision, praised Sarah’s interview and pointed out that many people do not realise just how challenging live TV and radio interviews can be until they’re  actually doing them.  “It’s always best to be prepared for the unsettling and unfamiliar world of broadcasting and that’s what TV News London is able to do for our clients.” 

  Visit the World Vision Website


If you would like to find out more about our media training  services please call TV News London on +44(0) 20 8275 8854 or email us at info@tvnewslondon.co.uk 


Published 17 September 2015


Big Tenant Survey Goes Nationwide

TV News London secured coverage throughout the UK for The Big Tenant Survey - the first ever nationwide survey of the views of tenants in social housing. The Big Tenant Survey revealed that a big majority of tenants in council and housing association accommodation are dissatisfied with their landlords.  

Only one in three tenants feel that their social housing landlords listen to them and even fewer believe their landlord cares about them or their family. Half of those responding to the survey  would not recommend their landlord to a friend or relative. The most dissatisfied tenants are in London, closely followed by tenants in  Northern Ireland

These are just some of the findings of the first ever Big Tenant Survey conducted by Spike Marketing for Housing Partners, who run the HomeSwapper and Home Hunt websites. More than 61,000 social housing tenants renting from more than 1,400 different landlords in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, took part in the survey. 

Richard Blundell, CEO of Housing Partners gave two live radio interviews to BBC London 94.9. He was live on the Breakfast Show with Penny Smith and Nick Godwin and The Big Tenant Survey featured in BBC London 94.9 News bulletins for 7 hours from 0600 to 1330.  Three days later he was live on air with Vanessa Feltz talking about the Survey and other housing issues on her show for BBC Radio London.

In addition, he was interviewed for Voice of Russia which reaches a worldwide radio audience of more than a hundred million and he was interviewed live on London Live, London’s only 24 hour TV news channel.

Newspaper coverage included The Birmingham Mail,  Liverpool Echo, Sunderland Echo, Washington Star (Tyne and Wear), Belfast Telegraph, Belfast Newsletter, Express and Star (Wolverhampton), The Daily Record (Scotland), The Press and Journal (Aberdeen) and more than 20 other local newspapers.

Online coverage included – Guardian Online, Mail Online, MSN News, Yahoo News, Wales Online and Inside Housing.

Housing Partners intends to run the Big Tenant Survey as an annual event to provide both a voice for social housing tenants and information for their landlords.

“We are delighted that TV News London has helped Housing Partners to achieve a breakthrough onto the national stage with their media campaign which has already begun to establish us as social housing experts”, says Richard Blundell, CEO of Housing Partners.

“We know that in the past it has been hard to hear tenants’ voices from across the country, but our first Big Tenant Survey gives our sector valuable insight. It provides a more comprehensive picture of what tenants think about their landlords, their homes and the Government’s welfare reforms. 

“The survey also provides vital information that can help Landlords avoid the business risks presented with tenants falling into arrears and we look forward to sharing the deeper findings with our landlord partners.”

Housing Partners holds the UK’s largest database of social housing tenants. The Big Tenant Survey is intended to be an annual event providing a window into the world of social housing tenants, whose views have until now being largely ignored in the ongoing UK debate about housing benefits, Universal Credit, and housing shortages. More than 5 million UK households live in social housing; 17% of all UK homes. 


The Big Tenant Survey -  Published 01 September 2014.

Contact Roz Morris at TV News London for more information on our press and broadcast PR services. 


Published 15 September 2014


Flexible Working – Our client joins the national debate on TV and radio

Flexible working is very topical because The UK Government has just brought in a new legal right entitling all employees to apply for it.  

For the first time ever all UK employees now have the legal right to request flexible working – previously this right was only for those with children under the age of 17 (or 18 for a disabled child) and certain carers. 

This means all employers large and small will have to be better informed about flexible working hours and the practicalities of working from home, so the debate over whether this is good or bad for businesses continues.

TV News London achieved extensive media coverage for one of our clients, a businessman who is a supporter of flexible working and believes it give business an edge in the global competitive economy.

Through our Broadcast PR work we secured him interviews on national and international outlets including BBC Breakfast, ITV Good Morning  Britain, Sky News, Reuters News and BBC Radio Five Live, as well as local radio coverage on Sky News Radio, LBC Radio, and BBC Three Counties Radio.

Are you a businessperson who wants to get into the media debate on issues affecting business? Contact - TV News London and use our skills to help you to get interviews with broadcasters.

ACAS Website link on new laws on flexible working:


The right to apply for flexible working applies to all employees after 6 months in a job.

Published 07 July 2014


Behind the Business of Global News

The business of global news coverage now provides a colossal amount of very demanding but very rewarding work for PR’s and for the CEO’s of global companies.  Here is a glimpse behind what you see on screen, hear on the radio and read in print and online.  

Nearly 50 interviews – all at locations in Central London - in just two days in January 2014 - covering broadcast and print media in the UK, the USA, China, Japan and the Middle East. That’s an outline of the huge task accomplished by the CEO of a global car manufacturing company publicising his company’s results via the world’s media.  

Day One was an Interview Schedule that started at 0900 with the Chinese press and ended after 20 press, radio and TV interviews at 1810 with a live interview on BBC World Service Radio.  

Day Two started at 0530 with BBC World TV Business Report followed by BBC Radio 5 Live Wake up to Money and ended, after a total of 27 press, radio and TV interviews, at 1930 with a live TV Studio interview with Jeff Randall on Sky News.

Working with broadcast PR agency, the Markettiers4dc, and the client’s global in-house PR Team, TV News London’s Broadcast PR Consultant Malcolm Douglas was part of the team that delivered interviews across the world’s media.

These included CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, Reuters, BBC World TV, BBC1, Channel 4 News, Channel News Asia News, telegraph.co.uk, PA multimedia, Wall Street Journal, Sky News, n-tv (Germany), BBC World Service Radio, BBC Radio 5 Live, and major news agencies PA (UK), Tass (Russia), DPA (Germany), Kyodo (Japan) and Xinhua (China).  And that’s on top of local TV and radio  interviews at the company’s UK manufacturing plant.

“This was a hugely successful PR exercise” says Malcolm. "It clearly illustrates how, for blue chip companies, it is now essential to have worldwide media contacts, as well as national and local outlets, in order to succeed in promoting top business successes." 

“The demands and the reach of global PR make extraordinary claims on the time and communication skills of top executives, and without media training they will struggle to cope. Coming across as positive, professional and normal in interview after interview is a massive challenge, and it’s not as easy as our clients make it look.”


Published 03 March 2014


ITV Daybreak Covers the IF Campaign in Sierra Leone

TV News London’s Broadcast PR expert Malcolm Douglas, working for the IF Campaign and Save the Children, travelled to Sierra Leone with ITV Daybreak  presenter, Ranvir Singh, to film in the slums of Freetown and in rural villages four hours drive from the capital.  

Ranvir Sierra LeoneRanvir’s reports from Sierra Leone aired on Daybreak on the first and second days of the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland.   The programme described Sierra Leone as ‘The worst place in the world to be a mum’ where one in five children die before their fifth birthday and life expectancy is just 47 years.  

More than half the country’s population live on less than 65 pence a day and Ranvir’s reports included interviews with mothers and children who have to work on rubbish dumps to make any  living.  

Ranvir Sierra Leone“There are things being done to help people, but the progress is slow,“ Malcolm adds. “Diarrhoea is one of the country’s biggest killers. Half the population doesn’t have access to clean water and Save the Children is working to provide more water pumps and water purification tablets.”

The IF campaign, which is a coalition of more than 200 charities, including Save the Children, argues that the  world has enough food to feed everyone, yet 1 in 8 people do not have enough to eat and this year, world leaders must tackle hunger and save millions of lives.

The IF campaign message is: the G8 can take three big steps towards ending hunger IF they:

  1. Clamp down on tax havens and launch a convention on tax transparency to stop the flow of billions of pounds out of developing countries - money that could be used to end hunger.
  2. Help poor countries make sure that everyone, especially children, have enough nutritious food to eat and support poor families to grow their own food.
  3. Give people in developing countries more control over their land by protecting poor farmers from land grabs and using land to grow food not fuel.

Watch the story on ITV Daybreak:

Day one - Ranvir Visits Sierra Leone

Day Two - Sierra Leone Day Two

Published 17 June 2013