Waltham Forest Youth Ambassadors

The Waltham Forest Youth Ambassadors are teenagers who represent young people’s views about the 2012 Olympics in Waltham Forest which is one of London’s five host boroughs for the 2012 Games.

For the second year running TV News London has run a media training day for the Waltham Forest Youth Ambassadors.  Eighteen enthusiastic Youth Ambassadors took part in the TV training session where they learnt how to hone their messages and practice their TV interview skills, firstly face to face with the interviewer and then down the line talking into the camera. 

All the interviews were viewed and reviewed, highlighting strengths and also points to watch.  The Council’s 2012 Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Officer, who organised the event sent us these comments: 

Just to let you know we had a catch up meeting with the Ambassadors last night … they were all really positive about [the training], and even though it had been quite challenging in parts they were all pleased to have done it. Many of them were keen to volunteer for any media opportunities we get!

Published 22 April 2009