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Twinkle For The Camera

NEW COURSE - Twinkle For The Camera 

How to talk on camera professionally and bring in business through your online presence   

Our Managing Director, Roz Morris, will lead this course. Roz is a former BBC TV presenter and she specialises in advising executives on how to present themselves professionally on camera. 

Roz says: “Nowadays it’s no longer just the top executives in a business who have to appear on screen representing their business. There are more TV channels than ever before all looking for people to interview about business issues. And, with the huge growth of online videos, the demand for professional video content is greater than ever before. 

“Do you know how to talk to the camera and present yourself and your business professionally? Are you confident you can put across your messages positively and memorably? If you are a business owner, are you making the most of your own personality by posting videos demonstrating your expertise?“

This interactive session will help you to:
Look your best in online videos and in TV interviews
Convince people you are worth listening to
Gain business through using video to increase your online profile

As well as practice sessions, you will learn about the key issues for appearing professional online including preparing your script, choosing the right setting, lighting, appropriate appearance, voice, pace, and performance.  

Upcoming Twinkle Dates:

Friday July 19th 2019 - Half Day Training Course 0900 - 1300 

Central London Venue

Maximum 6 people per course

New Course introductory Fee £275 per person including VAT

Email us at to book your place now 

Click here to watch a video of Roz Morris talking about Twinkle For The Camera 


Advanced Media Training


 Friday 06 December 2019 - Only 6 places available - Book Now

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In one day we help people move up to advanced interview techniques – international interviews, how to deal with an aggressive journalist, crisis scenarios, debating contentious issues and so on. The course is full of live interviews by experienced reporters with questions tailor made for you. By the end of the day you’ll be ready to face the most provocative situations and still communicate your message with confidence.

 “I was delighted to receive a report and certificate after completing the TV News London Advanced Media training course.  Other than finding the training thoroughly enjoyable and informative, I also found the whole process empowering and a great confidence booster. I loved learning with the other participants. The tips and techniques you passed on will stay with me in the future, whatever I go on to do.”

 Jillian Miller, Executive Director of The Gorilla Organization

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Open Media Training Courses For 2019

2019 Open Courses - Essential Starter Media Training Dates in London

TV News London Media training Courses









Invaluable for people with little or no experience of media interviews, the main emphasis of this one day course is practical, including ‘as for real’ situations with working journalists. Exercises are tailored to your organisation and current issues. The result? You leave fully prepared to meet the media. 

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Friday 12 July 2019

Friday 20 September 2019

Friday 8 November 2019


2019 Advanced Media Training Dates 

Friday 6 December 2019


Maximum 6 people per course


Media training


Invaluable for people with little or no experience of media interviews, the main emphasis of this one day course is practical, including ‘as for real’ situations with working journalists. Exercises are tailored to your organisation and current issues. The result? You leave fully prepared to meet the media.

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Print, Radio and TV media training course

This one day course will teach you the latest techniques for handling interviews with both the red tops and the qualities, hot new magazines, your trade sector publications and even websites. In addition you’ll be trained to conduct TV and radio interviews at both local and national level, as well as insights for interviews with the growing new media such as video conferences and mobile phones. 

Senior Spokesperson course

Top spokespeople can find themselves in the media hot seat for any one of a number of reasons. Whatever the situation this one on one, half day intensive course will put you in control. Whether you want to cover just TV, TV and radio or print, TV and radio, the choice is yours. 

Print Media Training

A Reporter calls - what do you do? Are You Prepared? Can your business afford to miss this opportunity?

Our experienced print journalists will call and interview you over the phone, write an article, and then give you professional feedback. This special print media training course, vital for all spokespeople, will give you the confidence to respond quickly and professionally, turning every opportunity into positive print exposure for your organisation. Each course is specifically designed to meet your needs and budget.

Call us now on 0208 275 8854 to book your session.

Radio Media Training

How do you catch people's attention on the radio? Do you know how to be conversational and still stick to the point? Do your words paint a positive picture?

Media training course londonOur experienced radio journalists run one to one or group radio media training courses to help you with all this and more. These courses are practical and offer a range of radio interview experience and professional feedback. Each course will be tailor-made to meet your specific needs and budget.

Call us now on 0208 275 8854 to book your session.


Crisis Media Training

Successful Media Management

There comes a time when every organisation has to plan for a major event or media crisis. How will you deal with the media at that time? Should you wait for them to come to you or do you take the initiative and hold a press conference?

If you are facing a crisis, whatever you say needs to be prepared, briefed and delivered with confidence. All your spokespeople need to put over the same message in the same way. This one day Crisis media training course will do just that, and more, to ensure you really communicate your key messages.


Image Consultancy

Individual voice and image training courses

We also provide specific individual courses such as Voice Training and Professional Image Enhancement. Heres one of our image consultants below.

Joanna Gaudoin -  Image Expert and owner of Inside Out 

Joanna Gaudoin

Joanna Gaudoin, image expert and owner of  Inside Out will make sure you know what counts regarding your personal image and what to do to engage with more potential clients and win more business.

Joanna Gaudoin is a personal and corporate image expert.  She helps Individual women and organisations work on their image and impact for professional success. Experience and expertise will always be vital but how and what we communicate with others about ourselves and the perception they form of us are pivotal for success. These skills help us differentiate ourselves positively and build credibility for better professional relationships, whilst also enhancing our confidence.  Through her one-to-one programme with women and running corporate training, Joanna helps individuals work on their appearance, body language and communication to achieve their goals for their own career success and the success of their organisation. She also runs client events for organisations looking to engage with their female clients and prospects in a differentiated and memorable way. Prior to running her own company, Joanna worked in marketing and consultancy for almost ten years with blue-chip clients such as Mars, Diageo, Toshiba and SABMiller. 

 "Joanna is the ultimate professional! She presents her substance aptly and credibly, and is an expert image consultant. She is instantly likeable and makes a great first and lasting impression. Her workshops and events stand out from others as memorable, enjoyable and knowledgeable. Worth every penny!" Rina G

Joanna's next workshop - TBC

Venue: City Business Library, The  Guildhall, London EC2

This Workshop includes expert individual advice on all of the following:

  • What personal image is
  • The importance of your first impression
  • How to build an on-going, credible image
  • The aspects that matter
  • Focus on appearance
  • Focus on body language
  • Focus on voice
  • Time to discuss and ask questions
  • Electronic workshop guide
  • 1-2-1 follow-up phone call   

“Joanna is excellent at finding your own individual star quality and I highly recommend her.  Don’t miss this opportunity.”

Roz Morris, Managing Director, TV News London 


Confidence Coaching

Confidence Coaching with Louise Collins

Many people have a fear of public speaking, making presentations and giving media interviews.  In fact speaking in public comes up consistently in surveys as one of the commonest fears.   It’s right up there with fears of heights, spiders and flying.

If you have fears that are holding you back from speaking in public, we can help you to increase your confidence and release your true potential as a communicator with TV News London’s new Confidence Coaching sessions.

These individual sessions are run by Executive Voice and Communications Coach, Louise Collins, who works on breathing and visualisation exercises to reduce nerves and adrenalin and increase confidence.  Louise also uses NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming - as part of the training.   Each trainee is expected to work on exercises between coaching sessions so that their improvement will be steady and permanent.

Results from this training are remarkable as people who have always been very nervous about public speaking – either giving talks or media interviews – are able to speak in public with confidence for the first time in their lives.

"I coach people to find and communicate the best of themselves - even when the pressure is on!” Louise says.  “ It’s really rewarding, both for me and for the people I coach, to see the great progress they can make and how communicating effectively can make a huge difference to their confidence and in turn the whole of their lives." 

Areas covered:

  • Body Language

  • Vocal Skills

  • Presence

  • Dynamism

  • Breathing Techniques

  • State Management (controlling physiology and mind)

  • Relaxation

  • Language
To book your Confidence Coaching sessions - Call us at TV News London +44 020 8275 8854 or email us on for more information.

Presentation training

TV News London Presentation Courses

Do you think you could do better when you give presentations to internal or external meetings? Are your nerves and lack of confidence holding you back?   Leading media and presentation training company TV News London Ltd can help you to realise your potential as a presenter and be the effective speaker that you want to be.

"Katie is a brilliant teacher and made the atmosphere so relaxed – the day just flew by! It was a fantastic day and has made a huge difference to the content and delivery of my presenting. I learnt a great deal and it will really help me shape future presentations."  Sara Bowcutt, Head of Fundraising - Microloan Foundation

£375 + VAT per person

Presentation Training Dates:

TBC 2018 - 

Maximum 6 per course


Call TV News London +44 (0) 20 8275 8854 or email us on


Public speaking

One to one keynote speech course

Just you and the trainer working together to help you prepare, write and deliver your keynote speech. Whether it’s an address at a press conference, presentation at a global business meeting or an after dinner speech, this highly personal course will ensure you make every word count. 

Complete communicator course

This course covers just about everything you’ll need in today’s world of multi-faceted communications! Media interview techniques, conference speaking and presentations at meetings. In addition you’ll be helped with speech writing and delivery, as well as being given guidance on your personal image projection from a professional consultant. 


Social Media Training

What is Social Media?

TV News London’s expert consultants include Barbara Gibson – who has 19,000 Twitter followers. Barbara provides authoritative advice on current and future trends in the ever-changing world of social media – how to keep up and how to stay ahead of the game - the advantages and the disadvantages that social media can bring – how to tailor your social media strategies and make them work for you.

TV News London’s tailor made seminars on social media include -

  • What is Social Media – an overview of Twitter, Facebook, blogs, LinkedIn, Plaxo,
    other forums, podcasts and social networks

  • How businesses and organisations can benefit from social networking

  • Twitter and Facebook – for and against business use

  • Case studies of successful professional and business use of social media

  • How to monitor and measure your success

  • Individual advice on building your own social media strategy

Call us on +44 (0)20 8275 8854 to book your social media session



Broadcast PR & Social Media Workshop

Get your clients on TV & Radio

Can you think in pictures? Can you create a good story? Are you giving your clients the exposure they deserve? Are you maximising on-line PR and Social Media Marketing? 

TV News London’s One Day Broadcast PR and Social Media Workshop will help you with all of this and more…

Media training course lonodnTV News London offers uniquely effective seminars for PR professionals who need to know more about how the world of TV and radio broadcasting really works on a day to day basis. We provide expert briefings on how to pitch and sell to TV and radio. We can also include a tour of a major London TV studio in your seminar so you get the benefit of seeing the reality of television broadcasting.

Our workshop is specifically designed for PR professionals and run by experienced broadcasters and journalists who know how the news works from the inside and who can provide expert advice on the best ways to develop your stories for broadcast and get your clients on radio and TV.

 The workshop covers:

  • Expert briefings on the demands of radio and television news
  • Guidelines for broadcast news selection
  • Insider advice on TV and radio current trends
  • Workshop on developing your own press releases for radio and TV
  • Training participants to think in pictures and deliver what broadcasters need  
  • Experience of a real television environment
  • Expert practical advice on using social networking as a PR tool

 Some comments from previous courses...

“TV News London's Broadcast PR courses are a great way to meet working TV producers and gain real insight into the workings of a TV studio. The course has helped us develop a much better understanding of how to target broadcast PR opportunities.”

“Valuable having training from those who have worked/do work in various areas of broadcasting

“The course was very worthwhile, especially the studio tour which brought to life the ‘TV experience’ and how to fulfil TV broadcasters’ expectations”.

“A very informative and enjoyable course.” “Very useful insight, GMTV studio was great, lots of useful tips, thanks"

media training course londonOpen Broadcast PR Courses:

(Onsite at your offices or at London offices Max 10 people)

£395 + VAT (per person)

Your own Broadcast PR course for £3000 + VAT (max 12 delegates)


Writing Skills

Writing Skills Courses

TV News London Ltd offers an exciting range of writing services. We can show you how your organisation can convey key messages in a lively, convincing and relevant style, engaging and influencing your target audience.

We offer help with

  • speech writing
  • reports
  • presentations
  • brochures
  • interviews
  • websites
  • e mail newsletters
  • ghost writing
  • research
  • news releases

All our writers are experienced journalists with impressive backgrounds on national newspapers and BBC, ITV and Sky News.

We can provide specialists from the worlds of finance, health, education, charities, lifestyle and show-biz.

We can provide a prompt and efficient service . Our writers will personally discuss your requirements, before preparing copy or editing existing material. Our service is fully confidential and can be covered by non-disclosure agreements.

We also offer a tailor made writing course, on the topics of your choice .
For more info and to discuss your needs call us on 0208 275 8854