Inside the Media - Tuesday 20th September

Roz gave a talk to CGN members (The City Girls Network) about current trends in the media and how to handle interviews with journalists and broadcasters, at The Evangelist on September 20th 2005. (See picture left: Roz Morris,Managing Director of TV News London Ltd (centre) with Sally Hopkins left) and Vicky Wood right)the founders of CityGirls, a network for young women working in the City of London).

The City Girls Network is a networking organisation for young women starting out on their careers in London. They meet once a month and hold a variety of events of interest to their members - from inspirational speakers who are enjoying successful careers, to informative lifestyle events, and of course the odd social event thrown in.

Roz was thrilled to give a talk about life in the media and to share her experiences with aspiring young women of today.
See the CNG website for more details on how to become a member.

Published 15 September 2005