Roz Morris will soon appear on Channel 4 and on Channel 5 – in two completely different roles.

In December Roz’s work as a media trainer will be featured when she trains three teenage girls from Manchester who are part of the ‘Asbo Teen to Beauty Queen’ series, made by NorthOne TV, starting on Channel 5 on Wednesday November 15 at 8pm. The series takes a group of a dozen girls from deprived areas in Manchester and grooms them to compete in an American Beauty Pageant, Miss Teen International. Experts in walking, talking, dancing and dressing smartly are all included in the series (including Bruno from Celebrity Come Dancing for those of you who like a bit of celeb spotting).

Roz, who is Managing Director of leading media training company TV News London Ltd, will be seen on December 13 (timing subject to UEFA cup fixtures!) , training the final three contestants how to talk effectively in public and give TV interviews.
“It was a very interesting exercise” Roz says.“The girls did really well especially when you consider they were being trained by a whole range of trainers to go to America – and yet they had a very limited world view – they didn’t even know the population of Manchester, and some of them had never been abroad let alone to the States.”

On Channel 4 early next year, Roz will be featured in a documentary about a famous psychical event – ‘The Enfield Poltergeist’. When Roz was a BBC radio reporter she produced and presented a radio documentary about a family in Enfield, North London, who had a series of very mysterious and unnerving events occurring at their house in the late 1970’s. Roz’s radio documentary about the Enfield Poltergeist featured the first broadcast recordings of poltergeist activity and was broadcast several times on BBC Radio Four and the BBC World Service. In the Channel Four Documentary ‘Interview with a Poltergeist’, she will be seen talking about her experiences in Enfield and reflecting on what she thinks about the whole experience.
“One thing I can say is that I have never known anything like it before or since “, Roz says. “It really was out of the ordinary and not explicable in normal terms. You’ll have to watch the programme to make your own mind up about what was going on. The exact transmission date isn’t fixed yet.” adds Roz “So do watch out for the Enfield Poltergeist – it’s a really intriguing story.”

Published 12 October 2006