Course Certificate Launched

We are pleased to announce that we are now providing course certificates on completion of our Open Courses covering Starter and Advanced Media Training. Also, on request, we can provide these for tailor made courses.

In our picture Marie Rollaz, Director of Amber Telemarketing Services, proudly shows off her TV News London certificate, gained after completing the Starter Media Training course in March.

‘This is an essential course for anyone who wants to give media interviews as part of their marketing and publicity strategy, It’s hard work – but it’s really worth it. Everyone makes such a lot of progress during the day’ Marie says.

Published 06 May 2006


New Writing Services Course

TV News London Ltd now offers an exciting new range of writing services to help your organisation convey its key messages in a lively, convincing and relevant style which will engage and influence your target audience.

We can offer help on

  • speech writing

  • reports

  • presentations

  • brochures

  • interviews

  • websites

  • ghost writing

  • research

  • press releases

All our writers are experienced journalists with strong track records on national newspapers and BBC, ITV and Sky News.

We have specialists from the world of finance, health, education, charities, lifestyle and show-biz who are happy to turn their hand from scripting the front page splash in the Sun or the lead story on the Ten O'Clock News to writing for your organisation.

We offer a prompt and efficient service with fast turn-arounds. Our writers will personally take briefs from clients, before preparing copy; we are equally happy to edit existing material. All our work is confidential and can be covered by non-disclosure agreements, where necessary.

Contact Lydia on 020 8275 8854 email:

Published 06 May 2006


New Broadcast P.R. Course

TV News London now offers uniquely effective seminars for PR professionals who need to know more about how the world of TV and radio broadcasting really works on a day to day basis. We provide expert briefings on how to pitch and sell to TV and radio. We can also include a tour of a major London TV studio in your seminar so you get the benefit of seeing the reality of television broadcasting.

Published 06 May 2006