Women of the Year Lunch Awards 2008

Roz Morris, Managing Director of TV News London Ltd attended this year's prestigious Women of the Year Lunch Awards held at the Guildhall, London on October 13th. Roz, who is on the Nominating Council for the Lunch is pictured (left) above with Maeve Donovan, Managing Director of The Irish Times.

The Women of the Year Lunch and Awards was founded in 1955 by the late Tony Lothian OBE, the late Odette Hallowes, and the late Lady Georgina Coleridge to provide a celebration of women’s achievements, and an environment in which outstanding winners might meet and inspire.

Women of the Year  - Outstanding Achievement Award

Women of the Year’s Outstanding Achievement Award recognises an extraordinary woman who through her indomitable spirit, courage and willpower, has shown the world that anything is possible. 

2008 : Nina Barough CBE

This award acknowledges - and celebrates - the outstanding achievement of a woman who, through her indomitable spirit, courage and willpower, has shown that anyone can walk. The Moonwalk is this year celebrating its tenth anniversary and has raised the amazing sum of over 43 million pounds for Breast cancer research and cancer care simply by people walking in their bras through the night. For those of you who do not know the Moonwalk is a marathon trek around the streets of London and last weekend there was even a Sunwalk during the day taking place in Bristol.


Women of the Year Lunch – Women of the Year Award

“The Women of the Year Award is given to an exceptional selfless woman who with determination and vision has made an impact on the lives of many" Joan Armatrading MBE, President

2008: Shy Keenan and Sara Payne

This year we are giving a joint award to two exceptional women who have both in an entirely different way suffered at the hands of paedophiles and have risen above this appalling abuse to fight for a better world for our children. Together they have campaigned for eight years for the introduction of Sarah's Law which allows controlled access to the sex offenders register and finally this year it has been accepted and is being tested in four Police areas so parents could know if there is a sex offender in their area. If it is successful it could be rolled out on a national basis

Sara you will recognise but Shy was brought up on the dark side of hell in a Birkenhead Council Estate where being female was a weapon used to destroy her. She escaped that hell many years ago but many of those feelings still remain.


Window to the World Award

This award salutes a woman whose courage and determination to bring to our attention the plight of other human beings – often at risk to herself – changes the way we think about the world.

2008: Ann Cotton

This award salutes a woman whose courage and determination has brought to our attention the educational deprivation of young women in Zimbabwe. On visiting Western Zimbabwe in 1991 she discovered that the lack of financial resources was a major barrier to girls over 12 attending school. She was so incensed by the waste of such talent that on her return to Britain she created CAMFED the Campaign for Female Education first raising funds by baking cakes and selling them in a local market. Fourteen years later she had created a three million pound charity with educational programmes across the sub-Saharan Africa which now reaches four hundred and twenty seven youngsters across Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana and Tanzania.


Food for Thought Award

2008 : Claire Hicks

The Women of the Year Food for Thought Award celebrates the exceptional contribution made by a woman who not only built the international Impact programme which is a global initiative that prevents major causes of disability but has a obsession with a project called 'Hidden Hunger' which specifically addresses malnutrition which you will not be surprised to hear effect 800 million people globally. Learning from her experiences abroad Impact is now piloting a scheme in the UK to tackle healthy eating specifically looking at the absence of Iodine, Vitamin A and Iron from the diet and has created a Neighbourhood Health Watch scheme which runs cookery clubs and gardening schemes to provide and use fresh fruit and vegetables. 


Published 20 October 2008


Why Finance Professionals Need To Be Media Savvy

As the credit crunch progresses more and more companies are expecting their Finance Directors to talk to the media, This is not only because of their financial expertise, but also because the FD is being used to convey the company’s view of a tricky issue considered as too damaging for the chief executive to be seen discussing publicly.

The latest issue – September 08 - of Financial Management Magazine features an article by Roz Morris, Managing Director of TV News London Ltd about why, in today’s world of fast-moving 24 hour journalism and web rumours, finance professionals must know how to handle the media professionally. 

Roz gives examples of media Do’s and Don’ts as well as case histories where companies have handled the media well and others where mishandling the media has led to serious reputational damage and damage to income costing millions.

Financial Management is the official monthly magazine of CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and has a worldwide circulation of 150,000, making it one of the largest-circulation business magazines in the UK.

Roz spoke at the CIMA Executive CPD Academy in London on September 15-16.

Published 09 October 2008