TV News London in Communicate Magazine

Communicate, an influential magazine for the corporate communications sector, features Roz Morris, Managing Director of TV News London in its latest edition. Roz is pictured and quoted in a feature on media training.

“According to Roz Morris, managing director of training agency TV News London, even the most positive stories need to be finessed by media training.

“Merely surviving an interview and getting a few facts in is not good enough – no story tells itself without hard work,” she says. “Good news can sound like bad news or smug news if the spokesperson has not tested their recipe and adjusted the ingredients to achieve the best result. Coming across as positive, professional and normal in an interview is not as easy as it looks.

“Some people will work for days on a presentation to a conference with an audience of 500 people, but still believe that five minutes preparation is enough when talking to a radio, TV or web audience of a million – or even a hundred million.”

Without media training, she says, executives can be side-tracked into talking about issues which are not to their advantage and sounding less professional than they are.”

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Published 20 December 2009


Roz Morris Chairs Somerville Media Day 2009

How will the media - whether books, films, music, radio or television - be funded in future?

As Google and other digital businesses are already steadily eating away at traditional media income streams like advertising and royalties, future sources of income were one of the main themes discussed at the 2009 Somerville Media Day which was chaired by TV News London’s Managing Director, Roz Morris (pictured far left above).  

Speakers pictured above included (from left to right)  - BBC broadcaster and TV News London media and presentation trainer, Kati Whitaker (standing next to Roz), media and entertainment law expert, Rebecca Swindells from Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP, Novelist, Maggie Gee, Former Chief Creative Officer of Endemol, Peter Bazalgette, and broadcaster, Rebecca Wilcox.

Following in the tradition of Somerville media days, all the speakers are Somerville graduates except Peter Bazalgette whose wife Hilary is a Somervillian.

The confrerence was held in the Margaret Thatcher Centre at Somerville College, Oxford.

Published 17 December 2009