The Global Summit of Women 2010

Roz Morris, Managing Director of TV News London (pictured above at the welcoming dinner for the 20th Global Summit of Women in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing) has attended the 2010 Global Summit of Women in Beijing, China representing City Womens Network.

The Global Summit of Women is a business Summit, whose ‘business’ focus is women’s advancement in the global economy. More than a thousand women from across 80 countries came together to network and discuss issues such as the need for diversity in leadership, and to exchange strategies for advancing women’s economic opportunities, and to draw inspiration from other women’s ingenuity, creativity and strength. Women politicians including the Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden and the Vice President of Vietnam were just some of the impressive guests involved in some great debates and networking.

Speaking at the Summit, Irene Natividad, (President & Founder of the Global Summit of Women), told her audience of a thousand women from more than 80 countries that in the current economic climate all countries need women to be economically active. Women are poised to take advantage of the need for changes to our broken economies and regulatory systems she said "Now more than ever we need to empower women both at the microfinance level and at the corporate level which has always been the aim of the global summit. We need women to be seen as economically valuable not just economically vulnerable."  Irene Natividad, also said that outside the Nordic countries where the presence of women on boards is compulsory, progress is minimal. However there is hope for change now that several European states are passing similar quota laws. She said the face of European boards could be very different in 10 years’ time. And even Saudi Arabia now has 0.1 per cent and Korea 2.7 per cent of women on boards. 

Published 25 May 2010