TV News London Trainer on Radio 4

TV News London’s Media and Presentation Trainer Kati Whitaker was recently featured on BBC Radio 4 with her programme ‘Far from the Madding Child’ about a Scottish village where children are not allowed to live.  

Residents of Firhall near Nairn must be 45 years old in order to own a property and agree to have no ducks, rabbits , pigeons and bees. They are allowed one dog but no children.  Residents say they are happy and that Firhall offers them peace and quiet. They can have grandchildren and the children of friends to visit – within limits.  In her programme Kati asks if this lifestyle is desirable in encouraging the sort of settlements where older people are segregated from the rest of society. 

Kati is an award-winning radio journalist who frequently reports on Radio 4 as well as a working for TV News London as a media and presentation trainer. Contact us at if you would like Kati to improve your presentations and media interviews.

 Click here to listen to the programme

Published 07 July 2010