Social Media Expert Joins TV News London

Social media expert, Barbara Gibson, has joined TV News London’s crack team of media trainers. Barbara who has 19,000 followers on Twitter, is a former journalist and PR who has worked in media training for many years, and she has huge expertise in social media and how to maximise its benefits for business.

“We are delighted that Barbara is working for us at TV News London “ says TVNL’s Managing Director. Roz Morris.  “I know that her advice will be extremely valuable to our clients.  Many people are still unsure or mystified about the bottom line benefits of blogging, twittering and using LinkedIn and other social networks. Barbara can both demystify and clarify the huge business potential of social media and help you work out what’s best for your company.”

“I’m thrilled to be working with TV News London,“ says Barbara.  “The lines between traditional media and social media are blurring, and even disappearing.  Social media is not only changing the way companies communicate with their online audiences, it is increasingly influencing how traditional media research your business and gather story ideas. So it is now essential to combine traditional spokesperson skills with social media savvy.”

Contact us at if you would like Barbara to maximise your company's social media profile.

Published 23 August 2010