Feminenza on Kenyan Radio and TV

Mary Noble, CEO of Feminenza, a non-profit international women's organisation, has passed on her media training skills to 20 Kenyan women in Eldoret, Kenya as part of the Field of Fears Forgiveness and Reconciliation training programme currently being run by Feminenza in Kenya.  

The participants were all local  women, involved in a wide variety of community programmes to try and help heal the divisions created by the post-election inter-tribal violence in Kenya in 2008 in which more than a thousand people died.

Feminenza's training progrFemineza training in Kenyaamme, which has United Nations funding through UNIFEM, is a 3-year project aimed at promoting reconciliation and helping to heal the after-effects of the post-election violence.  Mary, who has received media training from TV News London, in order to help her to promote Feminenza's work through the media, gave the Kenyan women media preparation advice, as they will be contacting their local radio stations to talk about their community projects. She was helped by two Kenyan journalists who subsequently interviewed Mary and some of her trainees for newspapers, radio and TV about Feminenza's work in Kenya.

Mary says : "The radio was a remote interview - quite odd, speaking into a mobile phone, but luckily I'd had the training from you.  We also ended up with a 7 minute Kenyan TV broadcast, where I was interviewed, along with some of the other women in the training.  It is partly in Swahili, mostly in English and the link is below if you would like to watch it!"

 Kenyan Participants

Click HERE to see a seven minute broadcast featuring Mary Noble and the Feminenza team and their work with the Field of Fears participants. There are interviews both in English and Swahili.  

For more information about Feminenza's work in Kenya and elsewhere see www.feminenza.org

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Published 18 July 2011