Roz in Reykjavik with European Women Inventors

Roz Morris Talking at EUWIIN 2011There has never been a better time for small and large businesses to use the media for promotions and building reputation. That’s the message TV News London's Managing Director, Roz Morris gave to more than two hundred women inventors and innovators gathered in Reykjavik for their bi-annual conference. 

Roz is seen above and left giving her speech to the EUWIIN (European Women Inventors and Innovators network ) conference which took place in Iceland's newest conference venue the Harpa Centre in Reykjavik. The conference was opened by the President of Iceland (pictured below right), Olafur Ragnur Grimsson, and other speakers came from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Greenland, Estonia, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Iceland and the UK.

President Of Iceland at EUWIINTopics covered included, finance, patents, EU policy towards women inventors and innovators, womens leadership skills, working opportunities for women over 50 and a debate on why so few women work in the computer games industry.  In addition there were speeches by women inventors  and former EUWIIN winners such as Eijia Pessinen, from Finland, a former midwife and inventor of Relaxbirth, a new chair and technique for more relaxing childbirth which is about to be sold across Europe and may soon be used in the UK.

The conference also heard from Gudrun Laukka from Sweden who explained how she invented Plasterplug, a new method for filling in holes in walls, and how she is marketing this in Europe.  Both of these women had inspiring stories of persistence and hard work which will enable both of them to break through into the big time in Europe and elsewhere very soon.

Another speaker with an unusual story was Anne-Sofie Hardenberg who is a Culinary Ambassador and a TV celebrity chef in Greenland. The conference was organised by Elinora Sigurdadottir, Founder & Director of KVENN,  the lcelandic Women Inventors and Innovators Network and Bola Olabisi the founder and Director of EUWIIN and of the Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network based in the UK.

More than 50 women from all over Europe submitted entries as inventors and innovators and the judging panel was chaired by Diane Morris, Immediate Past President of TIAW, The International Alliance of Women.

The 2011 winner of the European Woman Inventor of the Year Award is Asa Magnusson from Sweden with her patented lifesaving device, QSAVE PRO. This is an innovative life saving small, easy to swim with device suitable for assisting heavy victims from drowning. It can be brought from under the surface with relative ease than the other equipment that is used today, both on and under the surface.

At the EUWIIN awards dinner held at the Blue Lagoon hot springs resort near Keflavik, Roz Morris, Managing Director of TV News London, presented the award for the category of Exceptionally Creative Innovator to Thorjorg Valdemarsdottir of Rain Dear,  her company which has created a unique new waterproof fashion fabric for rainwear, combining plastic, silk and wool.



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Published 13 September 2011