New - Confidence Coaching With TV News London

Are fear and lack of confidence holding you back?  Many people have a fear of public speaking, making presentations and giving media interviews.  In fact speaking in public comes up consistently in surveys as one of the commonest fears.   It’s right up there with fears of heights, spiders and flying. 

Alongside our public speaking and presentation training courses, for the first time, TV News London is now providing Confidence Coaching. So, if you have fears that are holding you back from speaking in public, we can help you to increase your confidence and release your true potential as a communicator with TV News London’s new Confidence Coaching sessions.

These individual sessions are run by Executive Voice and Communications Coach, Louise Collins, who works on breathing and visualisation exercises to reduce nerves and adrenalin and increase confidence.  Louise also uses NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming - as part of the training.   Each trainee is expected to work on exercises between coaching sessions so that their improvement will be steady and permanent.

Results from this training are remarkable as people who have always been very nervous about public speaking – either giving talks or media interviews – are able to speak in public with confidence for the first time in their lives.

"I coach people to find and communicate the best of themselves - even when the pressure is on!” Louise says.  " It’s really rewarding, both for me and for the people I coach, to see the great progress they can make and how communicating effectively can make a huge difference to their confidence and in turn the whole of their lives." 

Areas covered:

  • Body Language

  • Vocal Skills

  • Presence

  • Dynamism

  • Breathing Techniques

  • State Management (controlling physiology and mind)

  • Relaxation

  • Language

To book your Confidence Coaching sessions - Call us at TV News London +44 020 8275 8854 or email us on for more information.


Published 15 March 2013