Sunrise Royal Baby Coverage

Sunrise - Australia's most popular breakfast TV show – are in London again broadcasting live every day on the lead up to the royal baby birth, and TV News London has helped set up many of their guest interviews for lives and pre-recorded packages.  

Sunrise presenter Mel Doyle - seen here above at the home of Margaret Tyler the Uk's biggest collector of royal memorabilia.

Sunrise Royal baby CoverageTV News London has also set up location shoots at many of the stores visited by the Duchess of Cambridge as she prepared for the birth.

TV News London managing director Roz Morris said:"This is the second time we have worked with Channel seven the first being the royal wedding of Kate and William. "As well as setting up interviews and locations we have also kept the programme informed of other developments as the story developed"

Sunrise producer Kate Mazzolo in London for the story says "We couldn't have done this without TV News London".

Sunrise Royal baby To watch some of the interview features please click the links below:

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Published 19 July 2013