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TV News London’s Managing Director, Roz Morris is quoted in Communicate Magazine on the media relations problems now facing Tesco.  Roz, who has long experience of both news journalism and media messaging, points out that, although Tesco is facing huge reputational problems over investigations into its accounts, it is possible for large companies to weather storms that would finish off smaller businesses.

“Huge companies are enormously resilient” Roz says “and can survive huge crises which would destroy smaller organisations, but it takes a lot of work over a long period. ‘Steady as she goes’ and reliable normal service for customers are real assets in making the crisis for executives seem to be all a far away bad dream, that doesn’t directly affect the shopping and other services that they rely on Tesco to provide and deliver for them.”

Tesco has had some successful consumer relations moves recently in the Christmas period with the Hudl 2 launch and customer engagement efforts dominating the messaging. They have responded swiftly to responded to concerns about children and shopping e.g. getting rid of labelling toys as ‘toys for boys’ after a 7 year old girl complained. They have also changed newspaper displays after a mother complained about children reading disturbing headlines.

However there is a great deal of strategic work to be done in developing a positive narrative that customers will easily grasp. Roz adds: “Tesco also has to back up all this normal service and listening to customers with a big clear new strategy that customers and investors can understand and buy into.”

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Published 22 December 2014