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Do you think you could do better when you give presentations to internal or external meetings? Are your nerves and lack of confidence holding you back?

We can help you to realise your potential as a presenter and be the effective speaker that you want to be.

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Most of us when faced with the prospect of having to make a presentation feel daunted.  Where do we start?  How do we begin to get our messages over?

We have so much information that we want to include, so much pressure caused by worry about how our personal performance will be measured, and so much day to day work to be getting on with, that we may push the whole project to the back of our minds ending up with a last minute effort and a feeling afterwards that we wished we had prepared it better.

Or, we may fail to whittle down our points and try to cram so much in that no-one in the audience has a chance of taking on our valuable information.

This course is designed to give a framework for preparing for any type of presentation, be it to an important committee, a public meeting or even a world conference.

The course style is essentially practical.  Trainees (6 maximum) will have the opportunity to test their personal performance skills, be introduced to the preparation techniques to provide a clear structure to their talk, and be guided through the maze of visual aids.

The course will contain advice on how to create a good impression – hold the audience’s attention and make all points thoroughly and effectively.

  • Image – advice on clothes and hair
  • Body language – advice on voice and stage management
  • Practical guidelines on effective stage management
  • Pace and Personal Style – hints on controlling those inevitable nerves
  • Content – techniques to ensure a memorable script
  • To provide advice on techniques to ensure a well structured talk
  • To provide constructive feedback on personal style
  • To create awareness of how to develop an appropriate image for yourself and your organisation
  • To provide a basic introduction to stage management
  • To provide advice on the use of visual aids
  • To provide experience in preparing and delivering a presentation during the  course
  • To provide training to ensure effective presentations by all trainees in the future
"Katie is a brilliant teacher and made the atmosphere so relaxed – the day just flew by! It was a fantastic day and has made a huge difference to the content and delivery of my presenting. I learnt a great deal and it will really help me shape future presentations."
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Sara Bowcutt
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Public Speaking

One to one keynote speech course

Just you and the trainer working together to help you prepare, write and deliver your keynote speech. Whether it’s an address at a press conference, presentation at a global business meeting or an after dinner speech, this highly personal course will ensure you make every word count.

Complete communicator course

This course covers just about everything you’ll need in today’s world of multi-faceted communications! Media interview techniques, conference speaking and presentations at meetings. In addition you’ll be helped with speech writing and delivery, as well as being given guidance on your personal image projection from a professional consultant.

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