Tourism South East New Boss Thanks TV News London

Tourism South East New Boss Thanks TV News London

Fran Downton took up her position as CEO of TSE – Tourism South East – just weeks before the UK Government coronavirus lockdown was imposed on 23 March – and all tourism stopped.

Fran Downton

Fran has many years experience of working for TSE but she found herself unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight in her new role at the top at an extremely difficult time.

She reflects on the professional help that TV News London’s MD, Roz Morris, provided during this very challenging and unexpected crisis.

Taking the lead position within any organisation comes with many challenges.  One that could have been easily overlooked and underestimated is the PR aspect. To add to this, a looming global pandemic that required many media statementsFran says.

In  fact, it was not until an array of incoming media and PR requests,  that I truly recognised I was facing the prospect of facing a media camera.

At this point, Roz Morris, PR and media expert was on hand as a beacon of light to navigate the way through this PR jungle. Roz was able to offer intensive, informative, and effective training on interview techniques and dealing with media questions. 

Equally important, given the current crisis, was the focus on effective online interview, positioning, lighting, sound. Areas that have all too easily been overlooked.

Roz was able to offer direction, clarity, professionalism  and reassurance at a time when PR and media become a priority within our organisation.

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