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Roz Morris media training top tipsWelcome to TV News London’s free media training top tips and resources – We hope you can find something useful and helpful to you – keep checking back to this page for more great tips in the future.  You might also want to check out our blog page for more training best practices. 

Please do get in contact if you would like to discuss any training options. We are able to also do online media training sessions and training over the phone for specific interviews.

The videos below featuring TV News London Managing Director and Media Trainer  Roz Morris cover a range of subjects such as TV interview tips and techniques and more.

What is Media Training?

Media training is used to instruct employees of organisations how to interact with the news media and how to gain positive media coverage for their organisations. It typically is provided to employees of communications departments and to managers, executives and other organisational representatives who might be tasked with speaking to the press. The ultimate goal of media training is to improve the communications skills of employees who speak with the news media to help organisations better control and protect their reputations.

Media training seeks to enhance the accuracy of coverage that an organisation receives. It teaches participants how to clarify messages and how to make key points smoothly. It advises participants about how much detail to provide to the media, how to speak more concisely and how to stay focused on the desired message. Media training helps participants understand the audiences that they are addressing and how to provide appropriate information for those audiences.

A major goal of media training is to make participants more relaxed and confident when speaking to the press. It seeks to make them feel in control during interview situations. Some of the items that might be covered during training include the appropriate length of answers, how to deflect uncomfortable questions, how participants should respond if they don’t know the answers to questions, how to reinforce key messages and more.

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