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We are all Broadcasters Now

By Terence Emberson, Marketing Assistant, TV News London.

Would you like to know the seven big mistakes most people make when they make videos to promote their businesses online?

After running a very successful Instagram Performance Workshop for Schwarzkopf Pro SKP Collective, Roz Morris Managing Director of TV News London, was approached by the Editor of a leading beauty magazine, The Salon Magazine to write a piece about online Videos for businesses.

Roz’s article headlined “ We Are All Broadcasters Now “, highlights the importance of using Social Media to its full potential for you and your business. Roz gives invaluable advice on do’s and don’ts for presenting yourself professionally to camera and also how to plan out your social media posts for the future.

In the article Roz also covers the seven most common mistakes people make when using their mobile phones to film themselves. READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Read the full Salon Magazine issue online click here