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Canada UK Trade Boost

CETA, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada, the EU and its Member States has just been ratified after 8 years of talks.  The hugely important free trade agreement eliminates more than 90% of the tariffs operated between Canada and the EU. Trade between them was worth $77 billion dollars in 2016.

William Swords, President of the Canada UK Chamber of Commerce, was interviewed about CETA on BBC TV World Business Report.  He explained that the UK and Canada have had a long trading relationship. “The UK is the third largest market for Canada and the UK exports £7 billion a year of goods and services to Canada.”

Questioned about trading relations between the UK and Canada after Brexit, he added: “I think the objective is to make the transition as seamless as possible.”  

TV News London Ltd , founded and run by experienced broadcaster Roz Morris, is a longstanding member of the Canada – UK Chamber of Commerce.

“The company provides excellent media training courses for all executives and Roz has trained myself and other Chamber members” Mr Swords says. “ I have nothing but the highest praise for Roz and her team helping me to, as they say, make every word count.”

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