Crisis Media Training

Crisis Media Training in London

Successful Media Management in a Crisis

There comes a time when every organisation has to plan for a major event or media crisis. How will you deal with the media at that time? Should you wait for them to come to you or do you take the initiative and hold a press conference? How do you handle a really provocative barrage of questions?

If you are facing a crisis, whatever you say needs to be prepared, briefed and delivered with confidence. All your spokespeople need to put over the same message in the same way. Our one day Crisis media training course will do just that, and more, to ensure you really communicate your key messages.

All our courses are intensive and tailor-made. We will work with you to produce a course that fits your needs exactly. Together we identify your objectives and then using scenarios and questions that are current and specific to your organisation and the field you operate in, we put you in real interview situations.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss booking bespoke Crisis Media Interview training for your organisation. Courses can be for one person or for groups and your training can be done online or at your premises or at TV and radio studios. 

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