How To Look Even More Professional Online

how to look even more professional online

Are you sure you’re looking your best online?

Working from home has meant more and more people going casual and wearing tracksuits and other casual stuff for work every day. There’s no doubt that office dress codes have changed during the pandemic as online meetings became the norm.

But how casual should you be in an online meeting?

If you’re very casually dressed, will people stop listening to what you say? Will they ignore you because they think you lack authority? Can you be scruffy and be heard?

It used to be said that to ‘dress for success’ always meant wearing a suit. This was the rule for business meetings, presentations, job interviews or for TV interviews.  But now, there is a ‘New Casual’ as part of the ‘New Normal’ and attitudes are changing, so it can be hard to know how to look ‘smart casual’ and maintain your authority.

What shall I wear?
With casual clothing becoming more acceptable – the choice of what to wear for work has never been wider for both men and women.  Are you worried you haven’t got this right?


In addition, have you got your lighting, framing, and focus right? Working online means we are all broadcasters now and we need to have the skills of broadcasters in order to look professional online…

As a former BBC and ITV broadcaster, and very experienced media trainer, Roz can help you with expert tips on the secrets of looking smart and professional on-screen – in meetings as well as TV interviews. 

Expert Webinar – The Seven Steps to Look Even More Professional Online.

For advice for you and your colleagues – Book our webinar – The Seven Steps to Look Even More Professional Online.
With expert tips on framing, lighting, background,
 and good sound as well as personal appearance. Find out the vitally important key factors you need to check before you’re on screen.

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