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Image consultancy session with TV News London

Individual voice and image training courses

We also provide specific individual courses such as Voice Training and Professional Image Enhancement. Heres one of our image consultants below.

Joanna Gaudoin –  Image Expert and owner of Inside Out

Joanna Gaudoin, image expert and owner of Inside Out will make sure you know what counts regarding your personal image and what to do to engage with more potential clients and win more business.Joanna Gaudoin is a personal and corporate image expert.  She helps Individual women and organisations work on their image and impact for professional success. Experience and expertise will always be vital but how and what we communicate with others about ourselves and the perception they form of us are pivotal for success. These skills help us differentiate ourselves positively and build credibility for better professional relationships, whilst also enhancing our confidence.  Through her one-to-one programme with women and running corporate training, Joanna helps individuals work on their appearance, body language and communication to achieve their goals for their own career success and the success of their organisation. She also runs client events for organisations looking to engage with their female clients and prospects in a differentiated and memorable way. Prior to running her own company, Joanna worked in marketing and consultancy for almost ten years with blue-chip clients such as Mars, Diageo, Toshiba and SABMiller. 

“Joanna is the ultimate professional! She presents her substance aptly and credibly, and is an expert image consultant. She is instantly likeable and makes a great first and lasting impression. Her workshops and events stand out from others as memorable, enjoyable and knowledgeable. Worth every penny!” Rina G

Joanna’s workshops
Venue: City Business Library, The  Guildhall, London EC2

This Workshop includes expert individual advice on all of the following:

  • What personal image is
  • The importance of your first impression
  • How to build an on-going, credible image
  • The aspects that matter
  • Focus on appearance
  • Focus on body language
  • Focus on voice
  • Time to discuss and ask questions
  • Electronic workshop guide
  • 1-2-1 follow-up phone call

“Joanna is excellent at finding your own individual star quality and I highly recommend her.  Don’t miss this opportunity.”

Roz Morris, Managing Director, TV News London

Please get in touch with us to show interest in this workshop:  0208 275 8854

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Lisa Gillbe – Image Consultant

Lisa is a personal stylist and image consultant with over 10 years industry experience. She provides bespoke personal styling and personal shopping services for busy professionals who want to look their best either on camera or just every day. Lisa’s approach is friendly and relaxed, the services are tailored for each individual and she works hard to understand each clients personal style which is essential to creating an authentic look for someone.

Particularly if you are in the public eye, it’s good to wear the right colours for your skin tone and so important to feel comfortable and stylish in the clothes you wear to give you the edge.

Specialities: Personal Styling, outfit building, style advice and image consulting for Men and Women.

Services: Wardrobe Editing, Outfit Planning and Image Advice, Personal Shopping.

Please get in touch with us to book a session with Lisa:  0208 275 8854