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Emma Supple – A step in the right direction

TV News London’s Starter Media Training course has another success story following the attendance of Emma Supple, Managing Director of Supplefeet, the high quality, innovative podiatry and footcare clinic based in Enfield, North London.

Emma is often called upon to represent her profession on television, radio as well as national press and her reputation as a foot expert was growing fast with appearances on GMTV and several other broadcasters.  However she had never had any media training and she came to TV News London to take her up to the next level and fine tune her skills. Since she took our media training course she  has raised her profile even more.  

Emma’s comment after attending her course at the time was “Excellent, invaluable and will be very useful..Thanks to Roz and the team for really setting me on a path and as she said up until my training day I had been, “flying by the seat of my pants!”

With the training I was really able to absorb the concept of conversational but not conversation and the machinery behind the magazine type content.

I regularly advise people the value of professional training from your company specifically but am surprised and somewhat disappointed at how many dismiss the concept.”

 She later told us the following:

Thought you would like to know that since the training day I have been on:

Channel 5 Doctor Doctor;

Radio 2 Drivetime with Chris Evans (he had my segment on smelly feet  in his podcast of the week!);

BBC News 24; A huge piece started by a  PR missive from Age Concern that made BBC 1pm News and was repeated hourly on BBC News 24; the film crew came to Supplefeet and then I was the talking head on BBC news 24. We had the surreal moment of me on the screen simultaneously!

Radio 4 Case notes.

Really pleased as I more or less wrote the entire script! I engineered two of the three “outside” broadcasts and we came in on 27 mins and 42 when we were asked for 27 mins 45sc. Delighted.

BBC Radio Solent with 15 minutes notice.”

Emma has recently been featured on BBC Newsround, a programme specifically for kids so they had wonky camera angles and fun “worse feet” stories. With her daughter’s assistance she demonstrated flat feet in kids and various insoles to be used to help. The main message was that bad shoes equals bad feet!.”

You can view the programme here: Children’s Feet for BBC Newsround:

 Kids’ shoes damaging their feet

For more information on Supplefeet visit: