Youth Ambassadors prepare for Olympics 2012

Youth Ambassadors prepare for Olympics 2012

For the third year running TV News London has run a successful media training workshop for the Waltham Forest Youth Ambassadors.  Always a pleasure to work with, fourteen  lively and excited teenage ambassadors took part in a TV training session where they learnt how to speak to the camera and interviewer, firstly face to face with the interviewer and then down the line talking into the camera. 

The Waltham Forest Youth Ambassadors are young people from schools and colleges in the borough, selected to be youth representatives. They are charged with making sure the younger voices of the local community are heard during the organisation and run up to the 2012 Olympics.

Our trainer, Claudia Sermbezis, who ran the workshop really got the youth ambassadors to think about why they wanted to be an ambassador for their borough and what they hoped to achieve from it, and she also encouraged them to tell their stories and experiences in a way that would grab a viewers attention and get their messages across effectively and show their passion and true personality.

Claudia also did breathing exercises with them and gave them techniques on how to relax and focus and prepare for interviews as seen in the pictures. 

The 2012 Project Manager said on the day..

“I think Claudia really spotted the individual characters of the Ambassadors and gave them tips on how to make use of it on camera. Overall it was a very good session and your team were a pleasure to work with.”

With the 2012 Olympics getting closer and closer, there will be many media opportunities for  the Youth Ambassadors and we at TV News London are sure the training we have given them will be put to good use.  We look forward to seeing them on television talking about the Olympics in 2012.

 For more info on Waltham Forest Youth Ambassadors go here