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Our media training courses:

We have a vast range of media training courses at TV News London. Whatever your level of experience, whether it be beginners to advanced we can cater for your needs in every way and help you to make every word count when you talk to journalists and broadcasters.

All our courses are intensive and tailor-made.

We will work with you to produce a course that fits your needs exactly. Together we identify your objectives and then using scenarios and questions that are current and specific to your organisation and the field you operate in, we put you in real interview situations.

Courses can be for one person or for groups from the same organisation. We also organise open courses where people from varying backgrounds do a course together. And of course, we run
top level, one to one, individual training courses for senior executives.

Even the venue can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. Some clients like to be in a real ‘broadcast’ venue, to get the full flavour of the sort of pressurised situation they can find themselves in. Others like to hold their courses at an independent venue or at their own offices. Whatever you are looking for, in the way of media training, we’ll provide the solution that suits you.

All enquiries receive a detailed written proposal and the course itself is followed up with a written feedback report, to both the individual and the organiser, highlighting points for each course
participant to remember for future interview situations, along with a copy of the recorded interviews.

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