Meet our new Image Expert

Meet our new Image Expert

Joanna Gaudoin

We’re pleased to announce that TV News London has a new image expert.  Joanna Gaudoin is a personal and corporate image consultant who helps Individual women and organisations work on their image and impact for professional success.

It’s often said that “People buy people” so it’s a hard truth that if you are networking or giving presentations, but you don’t look as professional as you could, people won’t buy you at all.  Experience and expertise will always be vital, but, how and what we communicate with others about ourselves and the perception they form of us are pivotal for success.

Joanna’s expert advice can help you to differentiate yourself positively and build credibility for better professional relationships, as well as also enhancing your confidence in your appearance. 

Through her one-to-one programme and group workshops, Joanna helps individuals to work on their appearance, body language and communication to achieve their goals for their own career success and the success of their organisation.

She also runs client events for organisations looking to engage with their female clients and prospects in a differentiated and memorable way. Prior to running her own company, Inside Out, Joanna worked in marketing and consultancy for almost ten years with blue-chip clients such as Mars, Diageo, Toshiba and SABMiller. 

Joanna’s next all day group workshop will be held in the City of London on Thursday 9th July. For more information click here 

“Joanna is excellent at finding your own individual star quality and I highly recommend her.  Don’t miss this opportunity,” says Roz Morris, Managing Director, TV News London.  “ We are bidding  a fond farewell, with many thanks for her expertise, to our former image expert, Angela Marshall, who has just retired to Wales.  For many years,  Angela has set a high standard which we know Joanna can match and continue to provide for our clients.” Roz adds.