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TVNL runs webinar for the Canada UK Chamber of Commerce

TV News London’s MD, Roz Morris has run a successful webinar ‘Welcome to the New Normal – How to Look Professional Online’ for the Canada UK Chamber of Commerce, hosted by Nigel Bacon, CEO of CUKC (pictured above Nigel Bacon, CEO,Canada UK Chamber Of Commerce introduces Roz Morris).  

Roz is a leading media trainer and former BBC and ITV broadcaster, and she is an expert on how to look your best on screen.

‘It’s clear that the world is permanently changing in terms of more and more online meetings , job interviews, presentations and pitches, but everyone hasn’t yet caught up in terms of developing their own professional image for online working.”Roz says.

“Too many people are attending meetings looking unprofessional.

“Some people don’t know how to angle their laptop correctly and their picture shows a shot going up their nose with huge amounts of ceiling.

“Too many people are sitting in rooms that are too dark or too light, while others are too close to the camera or too far away.

“We’ve all seen these mistakes and my webinar explains how to avoid them.”

Nigel Bacon, CEO of Canada UK Chamber of Commerce says: “Roz has run a number of excellent events on media training for Chamber members in recent years and this equally excellent and interesting webinar showed us that we are all broadcasters now. 

The Canada-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce

“We all have to learn new skills in order to look professional online and Roz gave us valuable advice and tips from her long experience as a first class broadcaster and media trainer.

“Roz is definitely recognised as one of the UK’s leading media experts for training on handling media interviews, meetings and job interviews while online from home.“

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