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Roz Speaks on Hags and Bags Podcast

Style consultant Lisa Gillbe interviews TV News London’s Managing Director, Roz Morris as a guest speaker on her Podcast “ Hags and Bags“.

Lisa and Roz discuss the importance of dressing smartly in the workplace, and on screen for TV interviews and online videos.  As an expert media trainer, Roz points out that what you wear always influences what people think of you. If you look untidy or scruffy, you run the risk that people won’t listen to you – no matter how brilliant your messages are. 

Roz says that we all understand the unspoken rules of both body language and clothes language when people talk to us.  Content matters – a lot-  but appearance comes first – every time. 

The podcast was recorded in the Café at the Institute of Directors in London, on Lisa’s phone.  In the 21st century, broadcasting really is everywhere.   

Listen to the podcast above.