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Twinkle For The Camera

We had a great afternoon running our new Twinkle for the Camera – Online Video Skills Training Workshop in Central London on Thursday April 11.

The aim of the workshop is to equip people to talk to their  phones or cameras professionally and to record video messages about their business and the services they offer. These can then be posted to YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Research shows that online marketing using video is increasingly effective in bringing in business, with a majority of buyers and consumers now preferring to watch a video over reading a report (Nielsen research for Google 2018).

“The situation is that we are all broadcasters now “ says Roz Morris, Managing Director of TV News London,  who led the workshop, assisted by camera technicians, Lydia Nicolaides and Terry Emberson.  Roz and Lydia are pictured above together with the six trainees.

“Talking to a camera and looking and sounding both professional and authentic is a lot harder than it looks. So that’s why TV News London decided to offer training which provides business people with the skills of TV presenters” says Roz.

“We have called this training Twinkle for the Camera because that’s what TV presenters all have to do. And now businesspeople promoting their business on line also need to learn how to do this in order to engage with their audience and bring in more business.

“This training is both fun and serious We had plenty of laughs as well as serious comments, and everyone worked together to help to improve each other’s performance.“

Alicia Kite who runs the Alicia Kite Academy, training image consultants, did her first ever live Instagram message on IGTV during the course and plans to make this part of her marketing for her new training course.

Tayo Idowu, founder of and Ebony Pages said: “ This was a very informative training course and I learnt a lot.  There is a lot of information packed into a short time.  I highly recommend this course.” More information on our next TV News London Twinkle for the Camera training course on Friday 21 June in Central London is on our website.