Roz’s Advice on Managing Your Online Performance Quoted in The Guardian

The new normal is your online image – knowing how to look professional in online meetings and interviews. And that means doing everything from home including, lighting, framing, camera angle and making yourself look smart, plus (finally) having interesting and relevant things to say.

It’s all a huge new challenge with plenty of people getting things wrong and TV News London’s MD, Roz Morris, was quoted recently in The Guardian explaining the importance of avoiding bad lighting and framing and creating a professional online business image.

With professional life shifting further online, “this is a whole new world of skills people are having to take on” Roz told Guardian writer Ellie Violet Bramley .

As a leading media trainer and former BBC TV and ITV broadcaster, Roz is now running webinars on How to Look Professional Online, and finding huge demand for the unexpected broadcasting skills now demanded as part a everyday (online) business life.

Roz’s recent webinar for the ICAEW – Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales- had an audience of nearly 500. In normal times an audience of 200 would be expected.

“As people had to learn to use computers, now they have to learn to use online image, ” she points out. “People have made the mistake of thinking this is just a kind of visual phone call, but it isn’t. It’s a professional encounter in which they have to be like a producer and director.”

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