City Women Network interviews Roz Morris

City Women Network interviews Roz Morris

City Women Network interviews Roz Morris

City Women Network is currently celebrating 40 years since it was founded back in 1978 by a small group of business and professional women who had to start the network in secret. 

In the male-dominated business world of the City in the 1970’s when they went out for lunch to meet other women they did not tell their colleagues or their bosses in case they were ridiculed or prevented from meeting.

Even booking a private room for networking lunches had to be done in a man’s name. Happily, things have changed a great deal for women since then

TV News London’s Managing Director Roz Morris has been a longstanding member of City Women Network and was Vice President of CWN from 2008 -2010.   As part of its 40th-anniversary celebrations, CWN is interviewing some of its prominent members and Roz’s interview is the first to be published on the network website. 

Asked about change for women over the last 40 years and helping other women now within the work environment Roz says: “I feel very strongly that we are now finally at a point of historic change where women are revealing the extent of sexual harassment and are determined to change the culture permanently. 

“We all thought we were doing our bit on this decades ago but it now seems that, despite lots of real practical progress in defeating sexism,  like being taxed in our own right even when married, gaining access to jobs previously closed to us, and no longer getting letters addressed to Dear Sir etc.. sexual harassment has just gone on and on. 

“So, we must make sure that women are ready now always to tell men to back off and to own and use the power now being offered to them of being able to name and shame.” Roz also talks about her views on Brexit and vegetarianism.

Roz’s full interview can be read here: City Women Network interviews Roz Morris