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Roz Chairs Second ITTP conference

Not enough people are being technically trained for the TV industry and the Institute for Training in Television Production (ITTP) is now launching its new ITTP Approved Skills Scheme to accredit and provide a benchmark for training at universities and colleges.

“Everyone knows the problem” says ITTP Chairman Graham Reed. “The TV industry in common with many others can’t recruit staff with the basic technical skills needed, even to get started in TV production. Speeches are made. Conferences are held. Now the ITTP is working on a solution.”

On 27 January, the ITTP held its second conference, organised by the publishers of TV-Bay magazine. The Conference Chair was Roz Morris, TV News London’s Managing Director, who has long experience of working as a TV news reporter and presenter for many years.

The conference, held at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, was attended by more than a 150 people across the television production industry, including TV camera operators, technicians, engineers, university lecturers, and representatives of manufacturers including Avid, Black Magic Design, and Sony.

Speakers included senior training executives from the BBC, SKY, ITV, and BT Sport, as well as representative of trade and craft organisations.

Roz chaired several panel discussions covering what the industry needs in terms of training, the gaps between education and industry, what the TV industry can learn from Film and Theatre and what past students think about the relevance of their university courses to their current work.

In her introductory remarks Roz pointed out that the latest Government figures from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport reveal that UK creative industries, including the film, television and music industries, are now worth more than £76 billion a year to the UK economy, providing 2.62 million jobs, and making up 5.6% of all UK jobs. In addition, according to the DCMS, employment in UK creative industries grew by 2.3% a year between 1997 and 2013, out performing all other sectors of UK industry.

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