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Rio Global Nutrition Workshops

TV News London has provided expert training in communications skills and handling media interviews for spokespeople from around the world on global nutrition issues. 

Globally, 161 million children are not getting the right nutrients during critical stages of their development. This means that poor nutrition is the underlying cause of nearly half of deaths of children under five worldwide and this is holding back generation after generation.  Poorly nourished children are a third less likely to ever escape poverty when they grow up, and undernourished girls grow into undernourished mothers who give birth to undernourished children.

During a three day conference organised by Save the Children in London in March, TV News London provided workshops on Media Interviews, Engaging with the Media, and Public Speaking, for delegates from 17 different countries.  The delegates will be nutrition champions who will be Nutrition for Growth spokespeople in preparation for the Rio Global Nutrition Summit in August this year. 

Our trainers, Roz Morris, Malcolm Douglas, Roddy McDougall and Anna Ostergren, ran tailor made two hour sessions for 3 to 4 delegates at a time in order to help them maximise their impact in communications in the media and in conferences and meetings on the importance of improving food and diet for poor people across the world.

“ Your training  was fantastically useful and delegates gave excellent feedback”,  said  Fran Roberts, Nutrition Policy & Advocacy Adviser, Save the Children, who organised the conference.  

Delegates attended from the following countries:  Australia, Guatemala. Ethiopia, Indonesia, India, Kenya. Uganda, Malawi. Nigeria, Myanmar, The Philippines, Germany, Japan, Zambia, UK, USA and Canada.

The Rio Global Nutrition Summit will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, just before the Olympic Games and is intended to raise awareness of the importance of improving global nutrition in raising  health and living standards.  This will be the second Global Nutrition Summit. Progress since the first summit in 2013 will be evaluated as well as new calls for action and pledges from governments for money to support schemes to tackle poor nutrition. 

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