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Roz Morris on The Women in Business Radio Show

On December 3rd 2020 Roz Morris was a guest on The Women in Business Radio Show, hosted by Sian Murphy along with co-hosts Jackie Groundsell of 1230 The Women’s Company who run a network of Lunchtime business meetings for women, and Laura Lawrence, marketer and publisher of two print form community Magazines.

Roz was part of a panel discussing how the pandemic has affected their businesses; what action they took to pivot and their top tips for making a shift. Fellow guests included Caroline Wardell, the founder of The Bamboo Wardrobe, Nicole Johnston, Author, Ghostwriter and Book Coach, and Gillian Huntley, Founder of Appearance Aesthetics.

Key Take Aways From The Show

  • The realisation that everything is not going to return to how it was before.  Even after the situation about COVID relaxes, there are people who will want to continue meeting, working and connecting online.  We need to adapt.
  • We may not be professional broadcasters, but it matters if we don’t look good on screen.
  • It’s ok not to have spent the time during lockdown making massive changes to your business.  Learning new techniques, new technology and pausing to think and rest are just as important.
  • The top tips for this show relate to making a shift in your business and creating new experiences online.

Top Tips From Guests For Being In Business

“Fully embrace online technologies. Find out how to host videos, meetings and go live if that’s what you want to do. Find out how to look your best.”

Roz Morris

“Know your customer and how they are going to turn. It’s no good if you decide to go one way, whilst they are going in the other direction.” 

Caroline Wardell

“Be yourself, know your subject and know your client. Always keep learning .”

Gillian Huntley

“Be accessible to your people. Know where your audience is and pitch to them there.”

Nicole Johnston

“Don’t delegate the knowledge of how to use the software and platforms that get you online for broadcasting and meetings. It’s not good the techie bod in the office knowing how to do it, if they’re off sick and you’re at home and need to launch the event” 

Sian Murphy

“Be careful about where you spend your money. Work out the priorities and then make a decision what to buy.” 

Laura Lawrence

“Just Do It.”

Jackie Groundsell

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